‘Fed up’: Ward 1’s Buck resigns seat as Owensville alderman

Dave Marner

Although he said he’s “officially still an alderman until they vote me off,” Ward 1 Owensville alderman Karl Buck on Friday submitted a letter of resignation which he termed “effective immediately.”

Buck on Tuesday said he would reserve comment on why he’s quitting the board less than a year into his two-year term until after the Board of Aldermen had official accepted his letter of resignation. This is expected, he said, when aldermen convene again at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 5, at City Hall.

Buck said that according to city bylaws and state statute, “I am an alderman until the board votes me off. It won’t be official until they meet next week and vote me off the board.”

Buck said he submitted his letter of resignation in person to city staff just before closing time on Friday afternoon. It was “dated immediately…effective on that date,” according to Buck of the letter’s Jan. 26 delivery to the city’s administrator, Nathan Schauf.

Asked why he was resigning now, Buck replied, “Just fed up.” He declined to comment further until his resignation is officially accepted by the board. “I have reasons,” he said. Asked if he would reconsider, he said, “I find that highly unlikely.”

Buck was unopposed in the April 2017 election and was serving his first term as an elected official. Since his term has time remaining, it will be up to Mayor John Kamler to appoint a replacement to complete the unexpired term through April 2019 with approval by the remaining aldermen.

“It is with great regret that I wish to inform you that I feel I can no longer serve the city of Owensville as an alderman,” Buck wrote to the mayor. “After serving only a short portion of my term it has become clear to me that it would not be in the city’s best interest to me to continue to serve.”

Although he wrote he was pleased with helping make some “rewarding changes,” he didn’t have the “time, patience, or fortitude required to serve” the city “in the way it should be served.”