“Dawn of a Decade” Fun

Kara Meyer

As homecoming draws near, the excitement of the students at Owensville high school is unmistakable. Preparation for the upcoming game and dance has the students and teachers busy. The day of the homecoming game is October 6th. While the dance will be held October 7th from 7pm to 11pm.

The homecoming football game is against the Sullivan Eagles. Dale Long, the head football coach for the Dutchmen, says he is preparing his players like he does each week. “...we watch film and we pick what we want to focus on and get better in certain things each week.” But what makes this game special? Why is homecoming different from other football games? Coach Long remarked that, “The game adds excitement because it is homecoming. We just relay a message that we need to worry about what is important.”

The Dutchmen football team is preparing to take the victory at the upcoming football game. The team is confident in their chances of winning. Brandon Faragher, right guard on the offensive line, predicts the upcoming game results. “I think we will win and I’m always behind my team and there’s nothing I don’t think us, as a team, can’t accomplish if we do our jobs.” Likewise, Coach Long is expecting an excellent outcome. “I am always confident in our team’s ability,” he relays. “As long as we focus on our job and execute it, it will be a successful night.” Finally, Kolby Jahnsen is also assured in the team's abilities. He played as wide receiver and a safety before an injury has left him out of the game temporarily. “They might have a bigger school, but we have more determination,” he says.

The conclusion of the homecoming football game marks the dawn of more festivities. There is still the homecoming dance! The dance’s theme, Dawn of a Decade! Shianne Thomas is student council’s Vice President of Student Engagement. Her job is to plan game and homecoming themes. As well as encourage students to participate in school spirit days.  She states, “We, student council officers, are all working very diligently to make this year’s fall homecoming the best it can possibly be.” She confirms that the preparation is coming along nicely. Only one obstacle had to be tackled, the date of the dance. “Originally, the dance was supposed to be after the game, which the officers, as well as quite a few students, were upset about. Because the fall homecoming dance is usually held outside between the football field and concession stands. Luckily it is now on Saturday, which I think will be beneficial and enjoyable for everyone.” In closing, she tells why there are multiple reasons this homecoming is special to her. “I am particularly excited for the homecoming game as I am a homecoming queen candidate, but I’m also very excited about seeing the dance come to life with all of our ideas.”

With all of the hard work and preparation being put into this fall’s homecoming, it’s likely both the game and dance will be huge successes.