Accidental self-inflicted pistol discharge injures Gerald man in tavern

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

A Gerald area man sustained an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound to his left thigh last Tuesday night after his .32 caliber pistol discharged inside an Owensville tavern.

Owensville police, ambulance and fire personnel were called to Bogey’s Sports Bar at 9:43 p.m. Aug. 27. City Marshal Robert Rickerd said Michael F. Pikey, 58, was transported to Mercy Hospital Washington for treatment of a gunshot wound.

According to a report by patrolman Troy Ebeling, Pikey told police he was “attempting to clear the firearm and it discharged.”

The bullet entered Pikey’s inner left and thigh and exited his calf, according to Ebeling’s report. Ebeling assisted Owensville Area Ambulance District personnel in dressing the wounds.

Police seized the weapon. The report noted it belonged to Pikey and would only be returned to him. The spent round was located on the floor nearby underneath a pool table. The shooting took place at a table by the front window of the lower level of the establishment. Pikey was seated at the time of the incident, according to witnesses. His 25-year-old son  was present during the shooting and told police he was not sure what had happened.

Owensville Fire Department volunteers helped the establishment’s owner by streaming water to wash blood from the concrete floor out the door. Firemen flowed enough water to remove any sign of the incident from the sidewalk. Additional cleaning by owner Paul Farris, using a solution provided by emergency responders, was conducted. He also mopped down the area with bleach.

Lt. Scott Griffith noted the incident was unusual, adding the police department has very few problems and calls for incidents at Bogey’s.

“Paul does a good job,” said Griffith. “We don’t have these kinds of calls down here.”