After more than 30 years with the City, Angell calls it quits

Linda Trest

Carmen Angell, water, court and deputy city clerk, submitted her resignation last Thursday, March 1. 

Angell began her work with the city as a part-time water clerk in April 1985, according to City Clerk Jane Hungler. The position became a full-time job two years later. 

A brief letter of resignation offered little in the way of explanation as to why she chose to leave her job. Angell says she has already accepted a new job.

A special meeting of the Board of Aldermen was called late Friday afternoon, March 2. 

The board officially accepted Angell’s resignation. 

They also discussed who could sign checks. It was decided that the mayor, the city clerk and the president of the board of aldermen would all be authorized to sign. Two of those three signatures should be on every check.

Hungler also asked the board to approve specifics for placing ads to hire a replacement. 

There was much discussion as to whether a full-time or a part-time replacement for Angell was needed. The board eventually agreed unanimously to hire a full-time person to take over the job. 

Part of Angell’s duties included acting as the court clerk for the city. Since the city has decided to disband its municipal court, that will not be part of her replacement’s duties. 

The municipal court will convene in Gerald for the final time in April. While Angell will not be the clerk that night, a one-time replacement can be hired to cover her duties.

It is not known how quickly a new clerk can be put into place. After Angell’s departure, Hungler will man City Hall alone.