Aldermanic candidate signs in to meeting as resident of Marthasville


Photographs of two sign-in sheets for Marthasville city meetings were recently sent to The Republican. A Marthasville city official, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked when sending them, “Isn’t this guy running for office in Gerald?”

The guy to whom he is referring is Brad Landwehr candidate for Ward 1 Alderman in next week’s municipal election. 

A text message was sent to Landwehr asking, “Did you claim to be a Marthasville resident at city meetings there?”

He responded, “Call my attorney.”

Landwehr apparently signed in to the two meetings listing his address as 103 S. Fifth St., Marthasville. In the sheet for the Nov. 21 meeting, it looks as if the “3” in the address has been corrected. 

A video was also sent to The Republican, recorded at the Marthasville city hall after the meeting on Nov. 21. It captured a conversation between Landwehr and the reported owner of the address he used. It seems to verify that it was Landwehr’s own hand that signed in as a Marthasville resident. 

Landwehr once served as the public works director for the City of Marthasville. He began work there part-time in 2015. In January 2016, he became the city’s first full-time public works director. The position was eliminated in May 2017 leaving Landwehr without a job. Still, he apparently attends meetings there, often questioning the safety of city’s water supply, according to the Marthasville city official.

Landwehr also once served as the public works director for the City of Gerald. He was let go from that position in 2015. He sued the city in federal court claiming his civil rights had been violated in his firing.

The court ruled in favor of the city and against Landwehr. He has filed an appeal. 

To run as a candidate for aldermen in Gerald, a residency requirement must be met. Landwehr listed his address as 1216 S. Bernhardt with the city of Gerald when he registered to run for Ward 1 aldermen. If Landwehr were indeed a resident of Marthasville in November of last year and March of this year, he would not be eligible to serve as an alderman for Gerald.