Aldermen approve change order on street paving project

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

A change order on the 2017 paving project approved Monday by Owensville aldermen will reduce previously authorized spending by $882 and change what was scheduled to be done this year.

First, through, aldermen approved a $163,913 contract with N.B. West Contracting, Co., to complete the city’s paving list for the 2017-18 budget year.

“We’re going to approve the original contract to make changes to it,” City Administrator Nathan Schauf told aldermen about plans to adopt Ordinance No. 1248.

It was approved on three readings on a 3-0 roll call vote.

Then, Schauf explained the city was eliminating the planned paving of 320 feet of West Sears Avenue between First and Second streets.

Citing curbing problems relating to storm water drainage, which was discovered during a rehabilitation project which began last month, Schauf said that project is on hold.

“We need a cold-weather discussion on a fix,” he told aldermen.

During the removal and replacement of curbing along the south side of West Sears,  the city learned water drains one way on one side of the street and drains the other direction on the other side. The city had planned to remove an alleyway entrance between City Hall and the Bogey’s Sports Bar parking lot to improve storm water drainage.

That’s apparently when it was discovered the fall lines for runoff went the opposite direction along the roadway. The fix could mean a complete rebuilding of the street, city workers told The Republican last week.

The $12,025 eliminated for that section of paving will be applied to milling and overlaying 326 feet of roadway on East Peters Street near Jost Tire.

The change order also reduces the length of paving on Henry Street by 275 feet for a savings of $4,208. Henry, which runs from Highway 28 into Memorial Park above the lower arena, is the last street in the city which is still a gravel road. N.B. West will pave approximately 570 feet of Henry under the revised contract for $9,680.

To complete the contract, N.B. West will mill and overlay a 34-foot by 95-foot section of Cuba Street at the corner of East Peters and where Cuba cuts off to the left away from Springfield Road. The section was not paved when Cuba Street was previously repaved south of that intersection.

“We’re just cleaning up that quadrant,” Schauf told aldermen. Cost for that section of paving and milling was listed at $3,326.

Overall, the change order reduces the contract by $16,233 and adds back in $15,351 worth of scheduled work.

The city’s revised paving project this year includes $81,203 worth of milling and asphalt overlay on North First Street from Highway 28 to Harrison Avenue. Also, the city will mill and fill on Oak Brook Drive from Highway 28 to where it dead ends (1,876 feet) at a cost of $52,797.

With the deductions by change order, the new contract awarded is worth $163,031.

Aldermen also approved changes to the Scenic Regional Library plat to decrease a  sewer easement from 20 feet to 18 feet for the new building project. “We’re hoping this is just a clean up matter so the building isn’t hanging over the easement,” said David Van Leer, project manager and engineer for Cochran. 

Travis Hernandez, with Archer-Elgin, told aldermen they usually maintain a 10-foot utility easement. “This preserves a 20-foot wide alleyway,” Hernandez told aldermen.

The easement is on the south side of the building site.

The library project hit another slight delay this week while engineers determined on Monday the foundation for the chimney of the old 1953 Owensville High School building needed to be removed completely before site work could continue. The west end of the new library will be constructed directly over the old chimney foundation area where the former school building’s basement boiler room was located. By noon on Tuesday, Dace Excavating, of Leasburg, had managed to break up the entire chimney foundation which measured at least 15-feet long by 8-feet wide.