Aldermen continue planning for permitting of ATVs, UTVs, golf cart beginning in 2018

Dave Marner

Owensville aldermen on Monday moved a step closer to adopting a permitting ordinance to allow the use of all terrain vehicles, utility vehicles and golf carts on city streets.

City Administrator Nathan Schauf presented a revised version of a bill which remains without a numerical designation but has been reviewed by the city’s attorney. Schauf noted the proposed bill had two revisions requested by their attorney.

Aldermen had previously considered setting an annual $25 permitting fee for those who wish to travel city streets. Their attorney, however, suggested the fee should be $15 per year with annual renewals also $15. That figure complies with state statute and mirrors what Gasconade County is charging for permits, Schauf told aldermen.

And, citing state statute regarding travelling on state highways, aldermen were informed their prior proposed ordinance would not allow them to prohibit the lawful use of these vehicle as defined by state law. Language stating that was added into the new draft.

Schauf said state law allows for travel on state roads within three miles of the operator’s residence.

Schauf, noting a prior question posed by Ward 2 Alderman Rob Borgmann, asked if the board wanted to issue permits or simply allow then.

“If you can afford 15-thousand for a side-by-side, you can afford a 15-dollar permit,” said Ward 1 Alderman Karl Buck.

Borgmann was absent on Monday and aldermen agreed to revisit the ordinance either later this month when they meet on Nov. 20 or at their Dec. 4 meeting. Aldermen have previously said they wanted to adopt the ordinance so the permitting will be in place by 2018.

The Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office issued a social media announcement this past week that ATV permits will be available to all eligible persons between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Those wishing to obtain a permit are asked to call 573-486-2424 to schedule a time to meeting with a sheriff’s staff member. 

“As a result of our regular day-to-day operations, we request that anyone wanting to obtain a permit please call prior to appearing in person,” according to Sheriff John Romanus.

A list of 12 requirements for obtaining a county permit to operate utility vehicles will appear on The Republican’s website www.GasconadeCountyRepublican. The city’s ordinance creating the permitting process will also be posted there once it is adopted.

County permits for ATVs now available by appointment through sheriff’s office

The Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the availability of ATV Permits.

Although permits are now available, we are asking for continued public patience as we begin the process of issuing these permits. ATV Permits will be available to all eligible persons between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

As a result of our regular day-to-day operations, we request that anyone wanting to obtain a permit please call prior to appearing in person. The Sheriff’s Office phone number is (573-486-2424).

We understand scheduling an appointment on specific dates can be inconvenient. However, we intend to accommodate whenever possible to best serve our citizens.

Below you will find the list of general requirements to obtain a permit:

Persons over the age of eighteen (18), and duly licensed by the State of Missouri, or any other state, to operate a motor vehicle may, upon proper application to the Sheriff of Gasconade County, be issued a permit to operate an all-terrain vehicle on county roads within Gasconade County.

1. All requirements set out in Section 304.013, RSMo, are incorporated herein by this reference, as if full forth herein at length.

2. An operator must have a valid driver’s license and any passenger under the age of eighteen (18), must wear an approved (DOT) motorcycle helmet.

3. No all-terrain vehicles shall travel over 30 mph on the county roadways, and they shall obey all traffic laws.

4. When operated on a county road, an all-terrain vehicle shall have a bicycle safety flag, which extends not less than seven (7) feet above the ground, attached to the rear of the vehicle. The bicycle safety flag shall be triangular in shape with and area of not less than thirty (30) square inches and shall be day-glow orange in color. The all-terrain vehicle must have working headlamp(s) and tail lamp(s) that shall be left on at all times while operating on the county roads.

5. The all-terrain vehicle must be registered with the State of Missouri, and/or have a manufacture certificate of origin.

6. The applicant must provide to the Sheriff’s Office the make, model number, serial number, and year of the all-terrain vehicle when making application. The permit shall only be valid for the vehicle listed on the permit. The applicant must also show the Sheriff proof of liability insurance, and must maintain such insurance while operating the all-terrain vehicle on the county roads.

7. No operator of an all-terrain vehicle on county roads under this Order shall be permitted to carry passengers, unless the all-terrain vehicle is equipped to do so.

8. The applicant shall pay to the Sheriff’s Office, at the time of application, a fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) for a period of one year. These funds shall be deposited into a special account to be used for Sheriff’s Office training and/or equipment only.

9. All permits will be valid from January 1 until December 31, and shall be renewed yearly.

10. The permits shall be displayed on the left (driver side) front fender in a manner that is visible to law enforcement.

11. Anyone found violating the requirements shall have their permit revoked for a period of (1) one year, and/or may be subject to any applicable criminal charges.

12. Proof of paid personal property tax must be provided at the time of application (per the County Commission).