Aldermen deny vote on P&Z proposals — or did they?

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The Planning and Zoning Commission recently sent two proposals to the Board of Aldermen.

One of the proposals was to create a Main Street District. The second would allow residential uses in commercial zones. That is currently not allowed in the Gerald codes, but there are many places in town where it exists. 

The board discussed the proposals in their March meeting and asked questions of a P&Z commissioner, Linda Trest. 

In a very confusing move, at the April 11 meeting, Ward 1 Alderman Steve Grgurich made a motion to bring the first proposal to a vote. Ward 2 Alderman Ed Adams seconded the motion.

A couple of aldermen looked confused. One asked, is this just a motion to vote? They were told it was. 

After a few moments of silence, Ward 2 Alderman Kent Richardson, who served as the aldermanic representative to the P&Z commission, voted no. 

After waiting a short while, with no other aldermen speaking, Mayor Cary Parker declared the motion dead. 

Virtually, the same thing happened on the second proposal, except Ward 1 Alderman Ruth Haase provided a second to the second motion from Grgurich. 

“What just happened?” was a whisper heard from the audience. It seems no one is really sure. P&Z members in attendance felt certain their proposals had been rejected. 

City Clerk Jane Hungler told The Republican last week that others were confused as well. The proposals will again appear on the May agenda and aldermen will attempt to get a clearer understanding of that on which they will vote.

Since the vote was taken in the April meeting, there have been a few changes that could affect the situation. 

Angela Koepke has replaced Grgurich as alderman. Adams has now been appointed as the aldermanic representative to the P&Z board.