Aldermen to discuss proposal to extend 1-cent sales tax for streets beyond 2020 clause

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

In 2012 voters in Gerald approved a 1-cent increase in sales tax to help fund street repairs. This increase was somewhat offset by a reduction in property taxes. 

The tax increase is scheduled to sunset at the end of 2020. It would no longer generate funds for street repairs beyond that point. 

After the increase went into effect in 2013, many streets in town were repaved, or resurfaced. There are still many that need attention.

The Gerald board of aldermen will discuss the issue at their meeting Thursday, July 11. 

The sales tax can only continue beyond its sunset date by approval of the voters. 

Should the aldermen decide to take it for a vote to extend the tax, there are decisions that must be made soon. 

Ballot language must be determined. Aldermen will also need to decide which election will be most cost effective to place the item on the ballot.