Aldermen say no to recycling offer

Linda Trest

The city’s trash contract with Swinger Sanitation will up for renewal in March. 

Swinger contacted City Clerk Jane Hungler to report they were willing to provide the new contract at the current pricing for residents. 

However, a recycling option was made available to the city for an extra $1 a month per customer.

 Swinger would provide a separate container for recyclable items. These items might be collected on a day other than the customer’s normal trash pick up day. 

Alderman Steve Grgurich noted that interest in recycling had been found in a survey done of area residents more than a year ago. Grgurich said he hoped to find a way for the city to offer recycling to residents and make a profit while doing so. 

Under the Swinger contract, each resident would be billed the extra $1 each month whether they used the recycling service or not. 

After some discussion, the three aldermen present (Ward 1 Alderman Ruth Haase was not in attendance) voted to renew the contract with Swinger without the recycling option. 

Most residents pay $13.50 per month for trash removal. Seniors pay $12.50. 

The contract for trash removal runs for a two-year period and will be renewable in March 2020.