Aldermen will hear request to vacate alley at Thursday meeting

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The Board of Aldermen are expected to approve a request to vacate an alley that they will hear at their meeting Thursday, June 13.

The request for vacation was signed by Tina Bauguess, owner of Tina’s Treasures, 310 W. Fitzgerald. The alley runs north and south along the business from Fitzgerald Avenue to Sixth Street.

The request was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission at their meeting last Tuesday. It was presented by Keith Wehmeyer, Bauguess’s boyfriend. Bauguess was a member of the commission at the time, but has since resigned (see story below). 

Wehmeyer explained to the commission that a house and a garage on the east side of the alley had actually been built directly on the alley right of way. There is no way to correct the situation at this point, short of tearing down the structures. By vacating the alley, the adjoining property owners would take possession of the section of alley that adjoins their property. This would solve the issue of the buildings on alley property. 

Wehmeyer said the plan would be to pave or concrete the west side of the alley in addition to the parking lot in front of the business. That side of the alley is currently covered in rock. The east side is mostly just a continuation of yards from adjoining properties.

Ed Adams, who serves as the aldermanic representative on the commission, told its members that the aldermen had already agreed that vacating the alley would be the best solution. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously agreed to recommend the request for the aldermen’s approval. Bauguess abstained from the vote.