All I want for Christmas is…

Bob McKee

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year so here’s my Christmas wish list. My eyesight back, my hearing back, my strength back, my missing tooths back, my digestive system restored along with the ability to sleep through the night. Oh, and all the money I’ve spent needlessly over this lifetime on worthless stuff that I didn’t need.

Okay, that’s enough for me now on to the important stuff. I want all the hungry people, especially children, not to have to go hungry ever again. I want those children who are abandoned to find someone to love them, care for them, guide them and teach them. I want abused children to find a loving home. It also would be nice if childhood diseases disappeared forever.

I want teachers to have a decent salary and the resources necessary for them to teach. I want teachers and kids to feel safe in school, safe on the streets and safe at home. As for that matter, I want everyone to feel safe in malls, airports, train stations and on any public transportation.

I want karma to visit with a vengeance all greedy corporations, CEOs and politicians. For that matter, I want the people we elect to city, county, state and federal offices to think about the people they represent instead of the lobbyists and big donors to their campaigns.

I want an end to the “Us versus Them” syndrome because we’re all in it together. I want people with open minds to engage in civil discourse without resorting to name calling and unfounded accusations hurled at their opponents even when they hold opposing views on subjects, policies or ideas.

Now Santa, old friend, this next one is tough but I think you can do it even if it takes a few years. I want an end to this country’s dangerous addiction to drugs, especially opioids and heroin. You don’t realize how many lives you could save and at the same time eliminate that terrible heartache every addict’s family goes through.

If you think that one’s tough wait until you read the next one on my list. I wish for true peace on earth, an earth where people of one faith don’t think they have to eliminate people of other faiths. You can do it, man.

That about completes my Christmas list although I’ve probably forgotten something. And if you need to forget about the things I wished for myself at the beginning of this letter in order to get the rest of my list accomplished then feel free to ignore the first paragraph.

Be safe on your rounds.