Bay resident claims family photographs made at Owensville studio, found at Kentucky flea market

Roxanne Murphy

A Bay woman is claiming at least six of the photographs found June 10 by Patrice Sherman Brock at a flea market in Owensboro, Ky.

Carla Koelling, who is the granddaughter of Gorge Stoenner of Bay, Mo., was approached June 23 by Melvin and Shirely Koch at a church picnic to show her a copy of The Republican and the family name that was written on one of the 11 photographs.

“Gorge was my grandfather and Ella Stoenner was my great-aunt,” Koelling said. “I would love to have these photos.”

At the time, Koelling did not know there were more than the two that were printed in The Republican. She later viewed the rest online and claimed the bulk of them.

“The picture of the woman reading a book with a statute looks like Aunt Ella,” she began. “The two little girls in the chair together I am pretty sure I have at home. I think they are Aunt Ella and Aunt Clara.”

She said the blurry couple is maybe Aunt Ella and her husband, Henry Nullmeyer, but she is not positive. The single child in the wicker chair looks like her Aunt Edna.

“Aunt Hulda and Aunt Ella married brothers,” Koelling said. “But Aunt Hulda and my grandfather were brother and sister, and they were married on the same day in a double wedding. Aunt Hulda married Ted Nullmeyer and grandpa married Sophia Doermann.”

Koelling thought the oval pic might be Ella’s mother, Henrietta or Yetta.

“Her husband died when grandfather was 16 years-old,” Koelling said. “So my grandfather took over the family farm.”

Koelling said her mother was the Stoenner and married her father, Oliver Schulte, who had a farm a few miles outside of Bay, where they now reside.

“I am within seven miles of where I grew up,” Koelling said. “I would love to know how these pictures got to Kentucky.”

Brock has until July 10 to find family members of the remaining photos. The wedding couple from Higginsville, Mo., “Love, Betty Lu” that was printed last week has also still not been claimed, among others. (To see the photographs made by Jno. (John) Bryan of Owensville in the early 1900s, visit and click on the photo gallery under Brock’s photos).