Being Casted, and Then, Production?

Raven Huxel

Do you ever have those moments of suspense that if you think that if you wait any longer for an answer you will burst?  Students auditioning for roles in Owensville High School’s fall production The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe felt just that the day after the last auditions before the list was put up that afternoon.  During the period that the final list was put up, word got around quickly and peers could feel the tension as students waited to see the list and finally find out what role they had gotten casted as.  It was a big day for those being casted, but after all that tension and nail biting, what happens next for these lucky cast members?  I want to say fun rehearsals and the fun chaos you see on shows, but there is a lot more than that, the chaos part is correct, but that does not mean it is always fun.  Do not get me wrong, being in a show is amazing, we have fun just as much as we do hard work, it is a lot of dedication and commitment to be in a show, but it is all worth it in the end when you are standing on stage making a whole new world and magic unfold before the audience.   

Moving on, Maddie Stogsdill, casted as Mrs. Beaver in our fall production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe gives her opinion on what it is like to be involved in a show, “It feels good to be able to make people laugh, smile and cry and forget about their life problems for an hour and thirty minutes.”  So it is just as fun for us to make this world happen as it is for the audience to watch it, being on stage is fun and stressful, chaotic and wonderful.  Even though we love being on stage, sometimes we want to watch our production ourselves and see how we did, so I ventured out and asked the vice president of student council’s student engagement Shianne Thomas what she feels on being an audience member, “ From my perspective, it's almost like a movie. It pulls you in and you feel all of the emotions the characters feel. Not only do you feel the characters emotions, but you also obtain your own emotions from it. For instance when something unexpected occurs, the audience begins to feel emotion, as well. Overall, I really enjoy watching the plays and seeing everyone's hard work and acting abilities being showcased”  To wrap this up, here are some notes on the production from our director Tim Slagle, “To be able to take the story from the pages and produce it on stage has been a joy.  The excitement and anticipation this show has brought to the drama club has been fun to watch and be a part of.”