Benefits of Role Playing Games

Madison Czapla

Throughout our lives we grow up playing all sorts of games. Whether the games be physical such as tag or red light, green light, or board games for example monopoly, or video games which nowadays kids grow up on, and lastly but not least, role playing games. One of the most famous role playing games known to people is Dungeons and Dragons. There is one question to role playing games and that question is: Are there any benefits to playing role playing based games?


Firstly, role playing games can be for both kids and adults of all ages. To answer the question that was asked above, there are benefits to playing role playing games. The first benefit being that they foster creativity, meaning that the people who play have generally a very imaginative mind as well as the ability to think on one’s own feet. Secondly, role playing teaches problem-solving. Many times during role playing you as a player and/ or team are placed into a situation where you have to solve the problem, sometimes it’s by brute force, or other times it’s by using your head to solve the problem. Which can come in handy in real life when being faced with a problem. Thirdly, the game creates teamwork. While playing, characters are forced to cooperate and work together to get through the game, even they don’t like certain people or if they just don’t like the situation. With this in mind, it can be useful in that in reality, people are put into situations where they have to work with people with whom they don’t want to work with and by playing these type of games, you can assess better on how to manage it. Fourthly, it becomes a social network, meaning that as a gamer you create friends by going on this journey together and bonding while playing the games, thus making friends and the bond between friends growing stronger.


People who play these games are smart. With playing role playing games, gamers are again put through situations where they have to use their heads to get past the situation that is ahead of them. Another benefit is, there are all sorts of gamers from all sorts of life. It really doesn’t matter who you are as long you have fun playing the game and being with people who you generally enjoy being around. In addition, being the dungeon master or the game master, teaches the person host skills, meaning it teaches the person how to plan, how to use leadership skills, how to use organizational skills, as well as many other skills among the sorts. Furthermore, role playing games can teach proper etiquette, by doing this you have to listen to others while their talking among other things that teach proper manners. Last but not least, gaming can build lasting relationships, this is because the bond because stronger, and these friendships often last years upon years because of the role playing games.


There are many other benefits to anything in the world there are also negative effects. Even though role playing may not be your cup of tea, I do at least hope sometime in your to you as the reader reading this article, that you will give role playing games a try. If you don’t find that it’s your cup of tea, then that’s more than perfectly fine, there are things that some people just don’t like to do, everyone has a right to there own opinion and to what he or she likes and dislikes. All of the information that has been gathered for this article has been gathered from the following website: