Bid awarded for new furnace at GPD; Anderson ends probation

When the Board of Aldermen met last Thursday, they awarded a bid for a new furnace in the police department. 

During a cold day in January, the old furnace quit working. A separate unit heats the front part of the building, which houses City Hall offices and meeting rooms. 

Bids were sought for a 75,000 BTU, LP gas furnace with a warranty covering 10 or more years. 

Four companies responded with bids. Several exceeded the bid specifications. 

Bids were received from:

Maciejewski for $1,700

Keeven Heating and Cooling for $2,455

Kekeisen Heating and Cooling for $1,250

Air Pro for $2,436.

Aldermen unanimously agreed to award the bid to Kekeisen Heating and Cooling from Sullivan.

Chief Jim Helton also reminded the board that Officer Rich Anderson had completed his probationary period with the department. 

The board agreed to accept Anderson as a regular member of the department. This includes increasing his pay to the next level. 

Anderson was hired as a third officer in August, in what would become a tumultuous time for the department. 

Currently, Helton and Anderson are now responsible for the day-to-day policing of a town that once had a five-member department.