Board approves 2019 tax levy; agrees to put sales tax increase extension on April ballot

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The Gerald Board of Aldermen approved the 2019 tax levy at 95.02 cents at a Thursday, Aug. 8 meeting. That is the same tax rate as 2018. 

Prior to the meeting a public hearing was held for comments on the proposed tax. Only one person spoke during the hearing, and their concern was with the park’s portion of the tax. 

Aldermen unanimously passed an ordinance setting the tax rate. 

At the same meeting, aldermen again discussed asking voters to approve an extension of the half-cent sales tax increase already in place. The tax goes exclusively to the city’s transportation department.

The current tax is due to sunset in December 2020. 

The consensus among the aldermen was that their constituents seemed happy with the amount of street work able to be accomplished with the tax money. They hope voters will agree to extend the tax to continue the street improvements. 

The board instructed their attorney to prepare the proposal to be placed on the April 2020 ballot.