Book Review: Cinder

Dawn Stogsdill

Cinder is the first book of the science fiction series The Lunar Chronicles written by Marissa Meyer. The story is about a sixteen year old cyborg named Lihn Cinder that lives in New Beijing, a city that is ravaged by the plague. Cinder is treated as a second class citizen because her status as a cyborg and feels like an outcast by society and her family. When her 14 year old step-sister contracts the plague while out looking for spare parts, she is blamed for her sisters illness. Cinder’s stepmother volunteers her for the cyborg draft, a research program that uses cybords as test subjects to try to cure the plague,and is almost guaranteed to kill her. But when Cnder is injected with the Plague she finds out that she is immune. Her immunity unlocks her  mysterious past and may bring the world to the brink of war. In this brave retelling of Cinderella anything could happen.


I really enjoyed this book because it takes the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and put it is a sci fi setting and that has rarely been done. The story is not just about a girl finding her prince and falling in love ,but  it is about how peace should be keeped at any cost even if that is your own life. Unlike the original Cinderella and the countless remakes, this story does not stop when the prince finds his princess. Cinder story is complicated with politics, differences of culture, and the ever present threat of war that  adds to the well loved classic. This book is exciting and filled with mystery and danger around every corner that will make you want to keep reading. I would recommend Cinder to anyone that loves to read.