Buck agrees to stay on, help with budget

Dave Marner

Owensville Mayor John Kamler has asked Ward 1 Alderman Karl Buck to remain on the board until fiscal 2017-18 budget preparations are completed. 

And, Kamler has announced Kevin McFadden has offered to fill out the remainder of Buck’s unexpired term through April 2019. Kamler told aldermen on Monday he wanted to seek approval from the city’s attorney to have McFadden sit in with the board on budget discussions as he transitions into Buck’s position.

Kamler suggested the board “hold off on Karl’s resignation and work him (Kevin) in” as they plan the next budget. 

Kamler said he spoke with Buck over the weekend. Buck said he was agreeable to the transitioning process. McFadden has prior budgeting experience as an elected official in the city of Calverton Park in St. Louis County. He is currently on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.