City’s liability coverage increases 10 percent on two categories

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

Liability insurance coverage for the city of Owensville will increase by $10,591 for fiscal year 2019-20.

Jim Vernon with The Daniel Henry, Co., visited Owensville’s Board of Aldermen on Monday telling them “we appreciate working with you.”

The Daniel Henry, Co., has been the city’s insurance carrier for the past four years.Vernon told aldermen the city is in the process of receiving a three-year adjustment in rates and of 12 lines of insurance coverage being provided, two will see increased rates for the coming year.

“We look at our job to offer the best coverage at an economical price,” Vernon told the full board.

He cited changes to law enforcement coverage post-Ferguson as a main cause of increase liability insurance across the state. 

Owensville’s increases, however, are for workman’s compensation and vehicles. Both categories will see 10-percent increases for the budget year beginning July 1 and ending June 30, 2020. Vernon said the increase in the workman’s comp coverage is due to the city’s increase in salaries.

Noting a replacement fire truck recently acquired by the city from the Washington department — parked outside of City Hall during the meeting — Vernon noted the city has some high-valued equipment on its coverage.

The city’s coverage across all departments will increase from $102,732 to $113,344. Workman’s comp coverage will increase $5,000 while the automobile coverage will increase $5,330.

A city-owned pumper truck was heavily damaged in a slide-off incident earlier this year. Since the company which manufactured the 2004 truck no longer is in business, no other suppliers would work on the unit for it to be recertified for fire fighting operations, according to Jeff Arnold, assistant chief of the all-volunteer department. The truck was therefore declared a total loss.

The city received an insurance settlement totalling $56,654.25 for the American LaFrance unit.

The city used the insurance payment from the crash to buy a used 1995 Pierce unit from Washington for $39,500. Arnold told aldermen they are in the process of outfitting the rig and expect to have it in service within a week. The truck has a 3,5000-gallon capacity for hauling water.

A committee of firemen and rural fire association directors are in the process of seeking bids for a new truck. They have developed bid specifications and are this week seeking bids on a new class 1 pumper truck. Bidding closes at 4 p.m. Monday, July 22.

Arnold told aldermen the anticipated manufacturing period is between eight and 14 months.

Vernon, who had examined the used fire truck prior to the meeting, thanked Owensville’s elected officials and staff for their time.

“I look forward to many more years to come,” he said.

Engineering “task work” approved

Aldermen also gave unanimous approval to a $16,800 contract with Archer-Elgin for approval of “task work” to help develop the city’s proposed new police station on property adjacent to their fire station on West Franklin Avenue.

City Clerk Bobbi Limberg said Travis Hernandez with Archer-Elgin has been providing contracted engineering services  for the city under a contract which most-recently began in July of 2014. It calls for contracted services not to exceed 35 hours a month at a cost of $3,000.

For additional task work as its is designated in the agreement, the city will receive preliminary architectural and engineering services to develop the police facility.

Site plans, floor plans, elevations related to illustrate the design concept, and development of probable cost estimates are included in the scope of the engineering work. The work is expected to be completed within 60 days. The city’s agreement indicates the payment with be made in a “lump sum.”