City establishes Police Advisory Board

Linda Trest

City Clerk Jane Hungler has confirmed that Mayor Cary Parker has made his selections for a Police Advisory Board. This five-member board will consist of Chris Milburn, Zoe Busenhart, Pat Morin, Angie Koepke and Roger Nelsen. Overseeing the board will be Aldermen Ruth Haase and Steve Grgurich, who serve on the Police Committee for the Board of Aldermen.

The City is currently without a police chief and a lieutenant, due to recent resignations. It has advertised that it will be accepting applications for all positions in the now four man department. It is possible that hiring a part-time officer, to supplement the department, is being considered. 

The advisory board will help formulate questions to be asked in interviews, in which they will also be allowed to attend.

Mayor Cary Parker says the group could hold their first organizational meeting as early as tomorrow, Oct. 5. They could then begin the interview process next week.