Consider the future when voting next month

Constance Tanis Hermann, Mo.

To the editor:

Even if we don’t accept the climate science on global warming and even if we think we can continue to do all we want with no consequences, drilling and mining and logging in national forests and parks, burning fossil fuels, then we might have noticed that storms are stronger and slower and floods more frequent, droughts more extended and cancers not only more frequent, but of stranger sorts.

While planting more trees here in town may help a little, it won’t save the whole planet or even this country. Antarctic ice is melting three times faster than in 2012. Shellfish off Oregon test positive for opioids. Fracking is on the increase in several states.

Unless you know what other planet the billionaires are moving to and you know they are taking you along, there are some things you might do now:

• Use less plastic.

• Recycle — Hermann’s recycling center is just off 6th & Gutenberg.

• Dispose of old medicines properly, not down the drain. Ask your pharmacist.

• And, just this once, maybe, in November, vote for a Democrat or an Independent. Vote for someone who will say no to all the executive orders that shorten the planet’s life — and ours.

Yes, there are lots of other issues for this election, but none matters if the planet continues to die. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

And we’d all breathe a little easier. Thank you.