County assessment declarations for 2018 due back by March 1

This week the Gasconade County Assessor’s office will be mailing out the 2018 personal property declaration forms to property owners. 

Paul Schulte, the county’s assessor who began his term in September, reminds taxpayers to complete and return this form before the March 1 deadline.

“It is important that the taxpayers get these forms completed and returned,” said Schulte in a release. “The Missouri Statute 137.280 calls for penalties to taxpayers for the failure to return this form. The penalties for not returning this completed form is based upon the total assessed value. These penalties are printed at the bottom on the back side of the form.”

If you’ve paid county taxes previously, you should be receiving this form shortly.

“If you were assessed last year, we’ve printed on this year’s form what we had you assessed for,” Schulte explained. “Using this information, just check what you still have in the box to the left and draw a line through what you no longer own as of Jan. 1, 2018. Any new items need to be entered on the form in the correct category. The sooner the form is completed, the better chance it will be filled out correctly.

If you do not receive an assessment declaration form by Jan. 10, you are asked to contact Schulte and his staff at the assessor’s office by calling 573-486-3100 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is your responsibility to notify the assessor’s office of a change in address, according to Schulte.

Another option available to the public is that you can complete the filing of your personal property declaration form online by visiting the assessor’s website at

You will find your personal identification number (PIN) in the upper right corner of your assessment form.

Items that are frequently missed by the taxpayers are trailers, such as livestock, utility and boat trailers, according to Schulte.

“They need to be listed because the owners will need paid receipts when they renew their plates,” Schulte reminds the public. “These missed items, when added late, will cost penalties.”

Taxpayers who are new residents of Gasconade County since Jan. 1, 2017, need to contact the assessor’s office for their personal property form. Also, individuals who are first time property owners — such as young adults who acquired a vehicle for the first time during 2017 — need to file this declaration form.

For businesses, a different form is being used.

The annual cost of equipment purchased each year is what is to be reported. The cost must be reported, as well as the year purchased and the class life. It will be claimed on your personal property declaration form exactly as it is claimed for income tax purposes.

The form needs to be signed but it does not need to be notarized.