County voters choose winner for U.S. Senate, miss on State Auditor’s race

Gasconade County voters correctly selected the winner of Missouri’s U.S. Senate race, favoring Republican challenger Josh Hawley by a 68.6-percent margin over incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. 

Hawley won the statewide ballot Nov. 6 by a comfortable 53-percent margin in an election with a nearly 58-percent voter turnout. In Gasconade County, the turnout was 60.47 percent as 6,442 of 10,654 registered voters cast ballots. An estimated $70 million was spent by both parties and candidates, according to Gallagher Associates which provides reports for Missouri Press Association member newspapers.

Although county voters favored Republican challenger Saundra McDowell 58.6 percent to 32.3 percent for incumbent Democrat Nicole Galloway for the state auditor’s post, Galloway carried the urban areas for a 5-percentage point win.

Galloway was appointed by former Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, and remains the only statewide elected official from the Democrat party.

County voters voted against Constitutional Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri) 3,510-2,699 but it passed across the state with 62-percent approval. It enacts several campaign finance and lobbying reforms and restructures legislative reapportionment process

Constitutional Amendment 2 (Medical Marijuana) passed with 65-percent approval across Missouri ad was approved in the county by a vote of 3,414-2,901. This allows use of marijuana for medical purposes with a 4 percent tax for veterans programs.

Constitutional Amendment 3, another medical marijuana proposal, failed statewide with only a 31-percent approval. It failed in the county, too, 1,605 yes to 4,642 no.

Constitutional Amendment 4, Bingo games, passes across Missouri (52 percent) but failed in the county 2,889 yes to 3,106 no. 

Proposition B, a minimum wage proposal, passed in Missouri by a 62-percent margin. It was approved in the county 3,266-2,945. This will increase the state’s minimum wage to $8.60 an hour with an 85 cents hourly increase each year until 2023 when the state minimum wage will be $12 an hour.

Proposition C, a third medical marijuana question, failed statewide with only 43-percent approval. It was also rejected in the county with 2,148 yes votes and 4,010 voting against.

Proposition D, a fuel tax increase over a 4-year period, was rejected at the state level with only 46-percent support. It also failed in the county with 42.8-percent approval (2,675 yes votes) to 57.1-percent against (3,574).