Crazy, stupid stories from this past week

Dennis Warden

We are all aware that common sense is not very common. A few headlines from the national news demonstrated that again this week. I wonder if some of the late night comedy shows used any of these for their jokes. 

I’m sure back in their day Johnny Carson or Jay Leno would have. Alas I don’t stay up that late to watch any of those shows any more. On the other hand I don’t have cable so I can’t watch them if I wanted to.

The first example of human stupidity was “Monkey can’t own the copyright to its famous selfie, appeals court rules.”

In 2011, a wildlife photographer, David Slater, left his camera unattended in a reserve, on purpose. A macaque monkey, named Naruto took several photographs of himself with Slater’s camera. One of the photos went viral. I’m sure Slater made a good profit on these photos.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed suit in 2015 against Slater seeking financial control of the photographs for the benefit of Naruto. After losing in 2016 to a lower court they had the tenacity to appeal the ruling to the 9th District Court of Appeals.

This is crazy for any court to even consider this subject. Of course animals have no rights to property.

One of the comments I found on-line with this story sums it up: “I think PETA would be quite happy for animals to have the right to vote, and to have relationships with humans, (not just platonic). These people are really quite twisted, especially considering that they wasted all that money, and the court’s time dealing with this garbage. The only people that came out on the winning end of this were the lawyers. As usual.”

This is another reason why the United States should follow the example of England where the loser is forced to pay the fees and costs of the defendant. These costs can include witness fees, attorney fees and professional fees for non-witnesses. 

With this type of court system, stupid and frivolous lawsuits like this would never make it to court. They are either never brought up or they are settled out of court before trial.

Crazy headline number two: “Judge rules New York City bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat.”

I have a couple comments on this headline. My first reaction is this. Can you just imagine the uproar from the left if someone was refused service for wearing a shirt that said they voted for Obama.

That being said I feel that any business should be able to refuse service to anyone they want for any reason. It’s their business. If the owner is ignorant enough to turn down a paying customer that’s their choice. 

The lawyer representing the bar, argued that the plaintiff was not discriminated against because only religious, not political, beliefs are protected under state and city discrimination law.

That’s funny because we know that florists, bakeries and restaurants have all been sued, and lost because they were standing by their religious beliefs in refusing service to homosexuals for a wedding.

What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose.

In the same line of thought, even though I think smoking is a disgusting habit, I don’t believe the government should be able to force any business to be smoke free. The free market eventually forces business to conform to cultural norms in order to stay in business.

Finally the third headline this week that caught my attention: “Pic of teens’ pre-prom prayer sparks anger, surprising reporter who posted it.” 

This story is about an innocent photo that was posted on Facebook showing several teenagers before prom saying grace before dinner. Many of the comments were from people who took offense at the photo.

This is perhaps the most surprising and hard to understand story. How can a photo of teenagers praying before their meal become such fodder for hate?

Here is an example of one of the comments posted to the photo: “So now we are supposed to praise kids for praying to an invisible man in the sky for animals that were slaughtered so they could eat?” one commenter wrote. “Maybe they should be thanking that animal for giving up it’s [sic] life so they could eat instead. So tired of Christians pushing their beliefs onto everyone else.”

If you see a story in the news that makes you wonder what kind of crazy world we live in, e-mail me at If you want to read the three stories I mentioned just go to this column on our website for the links.