Crull sought on felony charge

Neal A. Johnson
Unterrified Democrat

(Editor’s note: This update is being published to clarify the initial account published Sept. 26).

Amii N. Crull, 39, of Potosi, is still wanted in Osage County on a charge of child molestation in the first degree stemming from two incidents alleged to have occurred at a Belle residence between August of 2013 and February of 2014.

Sheriff Mike Bonham on Tuesday said that as far as he knows she is not incarcerated at this time.

Deputy Dennis Sutton, who investigated claims of child molestation, conducted a partial interview with Crull at the Probation and Parole office in Potosi after making arrangements to meet her during a scheduled report date with her probation officer.

“She was willing to talk to me up until the point when charges were mentioned,” said Sutton on Tuesday. “At that point, she didn’t want to continue with the interview, and since I didn’t have a warrant, I couldn’t arrest her.”

Deputy Sutton filed his probable cause statement with Prosecuting Attorney Amanda Grellner, who then filed the molestation charge, with a no-bond warrant issued Sept. 18.

“We have a warrant out for her arrest and she will not have a bond when she is brought to Osage County,” the sheriff said. 

Crull pleaded guilty in October of 2015 to child endangerment, and was sentenced to seven years in the Department of Corrections. Deputy Sutton said Crull was released on probation earlier this year.

Since the partial interview, Crull’s whereabouts are unknown.

“She moves around a lot, but we will find her,” said Bonham noting that Crull has not met with her probation officer as required, and likely will have an absconder warrant issued by Probation and Parole.