A difference of opinions on recent column

Kathleen Harbert

To the Editor:

The opinions expressed by Dennis Warden in the last issue of “our” paper were very disappointing at a time when we struggle to remember that we are neighbors and friends, despite the headlines we are bombarded with on a daily basis that tell us otherwise. America is paying attention to their governance at long last. It’s a good thing. Inflammatory polarizing commentary is not.

The Gasconade County Republican serves a varied readership. Some of us are members of Republican or Democratic national action groups or local clubs because we care enough to get up out of our armchairs to help causes or candidates we believe in. Some of us just prefer to keep a low profile and vote quietly, if we vote at all.

Your readership is not stupid. Every interest group and candidate has supporters and the more influential ones have larger contributors and lobbyists; but mostly what they have is volunteers. These volunteers are everyday ordinary people who manage to summon the extra-ordinary courage to stand up even when they fear they may be judged harshly by others. They do it because they believe it is the right thing to do. It is not easy. It is not convenient. It is not paid. To suggest otherwise is just mean and hurtful.

You may need a name badge in Washington when you are influence peddling/lobbying. We do NOT need a name badge to stand up when we something is wrong or immoral. We either choose to stand up in protest or we choose to stand down and let it happen. No pay. No script. No choreography. Just honest heartfelt participation. Vote.