Dog left tied to pole at local car wash

Linda Trest

A pit bull mix dog was found chained to a pole at a local car wash Monday night. A neighbor noticed the dog and contacted law enforcement about 11 p.m. There were no Gerald police officers on duty at that time, so the call was transferred to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies responded around midnight.   

A smaller dog, of undetermined breed, was also in the area unrestrained. It didn’t leave the pit bull’s side, according to the neighbor who brought food for both dogs. 

A deputy told the neighbor they would let GPD know of the situation and departed with the dog still tied to a pole on a concrete parking lot. 

Officer Rich Anderson reported for duty sometime after 11 a.m. Tuesday. He told The Republican that a younger man (not the neighbor) had called him to report the dog being tied to the pole, but he was never notified by the county.

Anderson said he had to handle a priority call assisting the county with a case before he could investigate the dog situation. Sometime after 1:30 p.m., Anderson arrived on the scene and found the dogs safely in the care of yet another neighbor. The pit bull was safely restrained with access to fresh food and water. 

Anderson took photographs of both dogs and posted them on Facebook with a plea for the owner to claim them. 

It is not known who tied the dog to a pole and left it there.