Expect to see new faces at city hall in the coming weeks

Linda Trest

A re-organizational meeting was held by the Gerald Board of Aldermen last Thursday. 

Ruth Haase,Ward 1 alderman and Kevin Grube and Tina Bauguess, both from Ward 2, all stepped down from their seats after continuing business had been completed. None had chosen to seek re-election. 

Scott Long won Haase’s old seat in Ward 1. Ed Adams was the top write-in vote getter for both seats in Ward 2. He chose to serve the two-year term. 

Steven Lucas, the city’s attorney, explained there was no winner in the Ward 2 one-year race. This meant that Grube would serve until someone was appointed or until he resigned. In other words, he was automatically out of a job. 

This announcement caused some confusion that ended with a recess in the meeting. Adams stood and announced “I’m not going to take the seat.” He then left the room.

Something changed during the break because Long and Adams were both sworn in when the meeting resumed. 

Grube also announced his resignation. Mayor Cary Parker then appointed, with unanimous approval, Kent Richardson to serve the one-year term in Ward 2. A full board tended to business for the rest of the meeting. 

Earlier in the evening, two personnel additions were approved. 

City Clerk Jane Hungler announced that she would like to hire Loretta Heckelmann as utilities clerk and deputy city clerk. She will be paid $13 an hour until her probationary period is complete. Her pay will then go to $13.75. 

Public Works Director Nick Grube ask the board to approve hiring Michael Travis Baker for his department. He will earn $10.50 an hour. 

The board unanimously approved both requests for hiring. The two should be on the job by the end of the month.