Figure Skaters Going to the Olympics

Madison Czapla

Every four years a set of intense and life changing set of games takes place during the winter. This year the games are going to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Along with the these games is the different types of sports, one of which being one of the most sport to watch, figure skating. This year, the world of figure skating has had a quite a few shocks leading up to the selection of the participants going to the olympics.

In the women’s figure skating team, everyone was expecting the 2014 silver medalists, Ashley Wagner to go to the olympics, but that was not the case. Three other girls ended up scoring ahead of Wagner, causing her to barely miss her chances in going to the olympics again. On a happier note, the rising star Bradie Tennell won the U.S. Championships. Tennell surprised everyone by this win because this is her first year on the senior level for figure skating and she won the U.S. Championships in her first year. Along with Bradie Tennell, two other girls will be joining her on the journey to the olympics games and they are Mirai Nagasu who got second in the U.S. Championships and joining them is the third place finisher, Karen Chen.

The ladies weren’t the only ones who got a shock, the men also got shock with the three gentlemen who are going to the olympics being Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, and Vincent Zhou. By the end of the night of competition the ranking for first place went to Nathan Chen, second place went to Ross Miner, third place went to Vincent Zhou, and fourth place went to Adam Rippon. The reason that Ross Miner is not going to the olympics is because of Adam Rippon’s international standing in the past season.

Another shock to the skating world was the sibling Maia and Alex Shibutani did not win the U.S. Championship, but came in second after the new champions, Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue. Joining the other two couples on the journey to Pyeongchang are the third place finishers in the ice dance competition are Madison Chock and Evan Bates. There is one more section in the skating world that has not been talked about and that is the pairs section. The couple that is going to the olympics this year are a married couple, Alexa and Chris Knierim, which there was only one spot available compared to the other three spots that were open to other sections of figure skating. This is due to the fact of how many people finished at the World Champions the previous year.

Furthermore, there is less than one month till the winter olympics go underway and lots of training are in stored for the contestants. Good luck to all of the contestants! All of the information for this article has came from: