Filing for Alferman’s 61st House District seat closes at 5 p.m. Thursday

A special filing period for residents of Missouri’s 61st House District ends at 5 p.m. Thursday for Republican candidates wishing to challenge Aaron Griesheimer in the Aug. 7 Primary Election for the seat vacated last week by Justin Alferman.

Alferman, R-Hermann, resigned his House seat June 4 after accepting a position with newly sworn-in Gov. Mike Parson as his legislative liaison. Alferman on June 5 had petitioned the Circuit Court of Gasconade County to have his name removed from the ballots being prepared for the August primary in Gasconade, Osage and Franklin counties. Judge I.I. “Ike” Lamke issued a ruling around 1 p.m. Thursday granting the request after making sure the election authority in each of the House district’s three counties had signed off on the plan.

Gasconade County Clerk Lesa Lietzow said the judge was “very thorough” and wanted to make sure each clerk was in agreement with the plan. 

“There was no required time of advertisement so it’s a pretty fast turnaround,” said Lietzow. “All three clerks had to sign off on the agreement to remove Alferman’s name. Of course, we did. All three signed eFiling documents with the court.”

Since the hearing on Alferman’s “Verified Petition for Expedited Court Order Permitting Withdrawal of Candidate from August 7, 2018 Primary Election Ballot” was filed in Gasconade County, Leiztow said she was able to sign the document in person.

Following Lamke’s ruling around 1 p.m. June 7, the Secretary of State’s office announcing a five-day filing period for the position was being re-opened. Alferman had been running unopposed on the GOP ballot for the two-year House term.

Greisheimer was the lone Republican to sign up on Friday when the filing period opened. The period was announced online by The Republican on Thursday since the notification was made a day after this newspaper’s publication deadline.As of 5 p.m. at the close of business Tuesday, no one else had signed up to run on the GOP ticket.

There is a Democrat signed up to oppose the Republican candidate in the November General Election — or candidates should more file by the deadline Thursday. 

Pamela A. Menefee, Washington, will be unopposed on the Democratic party’s August ballot.

This special five-day filing period which ends tomorrow (June 14) is only for the Republican party to seek a candidate to replace Alferman on the Aug. 7 Primary Election ballot. A candidate seeking to be on the ballot during this special registration period must sign up with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office, 600 West Main Street, in Jefferson City.

The 61st House District covers the northern half of Gasconade and Osage counties and the roughly central-and northwestern, and northern third of Franklin County.

Candidate filing information is found at