Filing for April election concludes with challengers for city’s Ward 2, E-911 board’s Southern District

Owensville voters in the second ward will have a contested race for aldermen on their April 3 Municipal Election ballot.

William Wade signed up Thursday morning to challenge incumbent Denise Bohl for a two-year seat on the Board of Aldermen. For city voters, that will be the only contested race. No one filed to challenge Mayor John Kamler or Ward 1 Aldermen Dr. Cathy Lahmeyer.

Southern Gasconade County residents will have a contested race for the E-911 Board of Directors.

Joyce Baxter, Bland, and Sharen Piles, Rosebud, each registered as candidates for a four-year term as director for the Southern District. As expected, Clyde Zelch did not seek another term as director for the Southern District.

Betty Estes, Rosebud, was the only candidate to register for the at-large director’s seat she currently holds.

In the Northern District, former county assessor Joseph Mundwiller was the only candidate to file for that seat. Mundwiller will be unopposed to replace Doug Clark who did not seek another term.

The Gasconade County R-2 School District will not need to hold an election due to state statute allowing for so-called “non-election elections.” Only two candidates filed for the two open Board of Director seats which were available this election cycle.

Incumbent Debbie Landolt, Gerald, filed her intent on Friday afternoon to seek another three-year term. Also filing a notice of candidacy was Molly (Schaeper-koetter) Steinbeck, of Bland. Steinbeck signed up on Thursday. Bryan Curtman had announced last week he would not seek another term as an R-2 director due to plans to expand his insurance business by opening a new office in Sullivan.

Both incumbents to the Gasconade Manor Nursing Home District filed notices to seek another term. Patricia Smith signed up Friday to represent District No. 5 which includes residents in the Boulware and Boeuff townships near in the north-central portion of the county. Jean Koenig, representing residents in Ward 1 in Owensville, signed up earlier in the filing period. 

Since neither candidate will face opposition, no election will be needed.

Both incumbents to the Owensville Area Ambulance District will also be unopposed in their respective sub-districts. Greg Carey registered for another three-year term on Friday in sub-district No. 2. Major Thomas signed up previously in No. 5. Both positions are for three-year terms.