Fire department’s expensive turnout gear needs replacing; asks for community’s help

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

Your Gerald-Rosebud Fire Department needs help. Their turnout and emergency gear is reaching the end of its lifespan. Replacing those items is not cheap. 

Prices for the gear include:


° Helmet $239

° Nomex hood $25

° Coat $1,231

° Gloves $88

° Extrication gloves $40

° Pants $900

° Boots $345

° Safety vest $10


Total cost per person: $2,599


With an 18-member department, the cost to safely outfit each member could reach $46,782. For this reason, the department is asking for contributions to help defray the cost.

While the Gerald-Rosebud Fire Protection District is responsible for buying necessary equipment, their current budget will not cover the total cost of the needed gear. That is why the department is asking for help. 

The cause was immediately picked up by the Gerald Elementary School. Students, encouraged by counselor Jennifer Lindemeyer, have adopted the cause as one of their community service projects. 

Each classroom will have a boot where students can put any  money they collect for the firemen. 

The class to collect the most money will get to present the school’s donation to firefighters during an October assembly. 

GES Principal Jennifer Hall said that she felt it appropriate that the school help the fire department. Should the school ever need to be evacuated, Station 2, just a few blocks east of the school is the off-site rally point for students. 

The department also sends in members to help educate the students on fire safety. Often this involves more than just a lecture. Young students are often terrified of the gear worn by firemen. Sometimes, this may cause them to hide from the very help that may save their life. The firemen patiently allow these youngsters to get used to them, touch the gear, and calm their fears.

Of course, these firemen are also the ones who will respond if a student and their family needs emergency help at home. 

Even if a firemen never responds to your home for a fire, they are still always working in your best interest. Homeowners insurance premiums are partially based on the ISO ratings in their community. The better the department’s response to fire calls, the better your insurance premium.

Be like the kids at GES, enthusiastically find a way to help those who provide an essential service to the community.