Fitzgerald: NFL Legend

Zach Adams

Future Hall of Fame wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald reached third in all time receptions, with 1,234 career receptions, during what could have possibly been his final season as an NFL wide receiver. He is also third in all time career receiving yards with 15,545. If Fitzgerald decides to retire, as a 10 time Pro Bowler with only one Super Bowl appearance in 2008 which was a sad loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, along with fellow teammate Carson Palmer and Coach Bruce Arians then he will remain third in both of those areas. But if he does decide to enter the 2018 season as an obvious starter for the Arizona Cardinals, then he would only need 92 receptions to pass up the No. 2 all time receiver Tony Gonzalez, and upwards of 400 receiving yards to surpass the great Terrell Owens in all time receiving yards. And even with a disappointing season those two records are achievable, and with a phenomenal season Larry Fitzgerald can only pray to have the retirement that Jerome Bettis had and close out his career with a Lombardi Trophy while being carried by his whole team and with the Super Bowl ring he has clearly dreamt about for all 13 years of his NFL career.

Fitzgerald got introduced to football at a young age, and was a Minnesota Vikings ball boy before he could even play the sport. He was a phenomenal player in high school. Although after graduation from his high school he had to go to a prep school for a year to take care of his grades before he could be allowed to go play college football for Pittsburgh, where he also did amazing things. Until draft day. Larry Fitzgerald was the third overall pick in the 2004 draft behind only New york Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, and an offensive tackle out of Iowa by the Oakland Raiders. His first season he was pretty underrated with only 58 receptions, 780 receiving yards, and 8 touchdowns. In his second season he nearly doubled his receptions and receiving yards and had 10 touchdowns, and ever since then he has only gotten better, scoring his 100th touchdown in the 2016 season in the first game versus the New England Patriots. The past three seasons, which could possibly be his last, he had 100 plus receptions, and 1,000 plus receiving yards. Regardless of if Larry Fitzgerald does retire this year, or if he goes for one more shot at the Lombardi Trophy, we will undoubtedly see him in the hall of fame in 5 years as a top 5 receiver in NFL history.