Gasconade County Farm Bureau urges support for Proposition D for roads

Ron Hardecke
President, Gasconade County Farm Bureau

To the Editor:

I urge you to vote YES on Proposition D to help fund maintenance and repair of our roads and bridges.

The funding generated by Proposition D will help repair the over 2,000 bridges rated in poor condition or weight restricted. Also, Proposition D will supply funding for much needed repairs to secondary roads in the state.

We rely on our roads and bridges to get products from rural areas to the markets. Proposition D will allow Missouri to receive more than $1 billion over 4 years in federal matching funds.

Missouri has the seventh largest highway system in the United States and sixth largest state bridge system, but ranks 47th in highway funding compared to other states.

It is estimated that Proposition D, if passed, after fully implemented in four years will return annually $309,637 to Gasconade County and $100,933 to the cities in Gasconade County to be used for road and bridge improvements only.

I’m not usually in favor of raising taxes, but I do think the maintenance of our transportation system is a proper function of our government and use of taxpayer’s dollars.