Gerald aldermen approve limited dumping of yard waste at old lagoon

Linda Trest

Ward 2 Alderman Ed Adams suggested the board consider a spot on city property for residents to dump yard waste. “After a storm like the one that just passed through, there are going to be limbs down,” Adams said. He was referring to the storm last Thursday that included high winds and dumped over three inches of rain in a short time. “People have nowhere to go with it,” he added.

At one time, the city allowed yard waste to be dumped at the old east lagoon on Shotwell Road, just past the city limits. When people began dumping furniture and other large items there, the dump site was closed to the public. 

Adams said a new site could be located where the lagoon once was. This time the site will be only be accessible the first Friday of each month. It will be manned by a public works employee to make sure only yard waste is left there. 

The board agreed to the proposal and decided to implement the plan immediately.