GES students get a day at the park

Students at Gerald Elementary School all had a chance to spend the day at City Park in the last week. First- and fourth-graders were at the park Monday when a group of the younger children (above) discovered a nest with baby birds in the shrubbery. Teachers kept a close eye on the nest, reminding students not to touch the birds. Fifth-graders were ready for lunch and a quick rest (above, right) Friday after spending the morning running and playing. This will be the last park day for those students as they prepare to leave GES to begin middle school next fall. The second grade classes were also at the park Friday. Third-graders (right) spent some of the morning lounging on blankets with friends. Kindergarten and third grade students were at the park Monday. GES students aren’t the only ones to enjoy a day at the beautiful park in Gerald. Students from Strain-Japan School came earlier in the month to enjoy a break before the school year ends. All the students had full access to the playground, ball fields, pavilions and other amenities the park offers. Students will be dismissed at 1 p.m. Thursday to begin their summer break.