GHS ready to sell banners

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

Final approval has been granted the Gerald Historical Society to hang banners along Highway 50 through Gerald. 

The society will be approaching businesses, organizations, and churches to purchase a 30 inch by 60 inch banner to proclaim their presence in

The initial cost will be $225 which will include the individualized banner, all bracket hardware and installation fees. The banners are guaranteed for three years, and should one become in disrepair during that time, it will be replaced at no charge to the purchaser. After three years, the replacement cost will fall to the purchaser. Since the mounting hardware will already be in place, the replacement cost should be lower than the original price. 

Nancy Bush, society member, says the group will have the first set of banners printed when they have 10 sold. 

For more information, you may contact Bush at or call 573-578-8342.