GPD chase two on foot

Linda Trest

An attempted traffic stop for failing to stop at a stop sign, turned into a manhunt last Friday, Oct. 6, at 1 p.m. 

Officer Rich Anderson told The Republican that when he attempted to stop the white Chevy Malibu, it fled north on Highway Y, turned around in the highway, then traveled back to Second Street. Anderson then observed the vehicle traveling west on Second Street at a high rate of speed. The driver —later identified as Jeremy Nixon—eventually exited the vehicle in the 300 block of Third Street. 

A check showed the car was registered to a woman who lives in an apartment on W. Second Street. The male driver was seen fleeing north behind houses on Cedar Street. 

A call for assistance from the Franklin County’s Sheriff’s office resulted in several deputies and a helicopter coming to town to aid in the chase. 

For more than an hour, deputies searched the area near where Nixon was last spotted. Eventually, the deputies began searching all the streets in Gerald, hoping to spot Nixon.

In the meantime, Franklin County Dispatch notified Gerald Elementary School staff of the situation. The school immediately went into lock-down mode.

GES Principal Jennifer Hall notes that exterior doors are always locked during normal school hours. On Friday, anyone buzzing for entrance to the school was given special scrutiny. Students were also not allowed outside during recess. Students were simply told they were undergoing a lock-down drill. 

Anderson and a Franklin County deputy were at the school as classes were dismissed at the regular time, making sure all students safely exited the school.

The subject has still not been found. Gerald police are seeking charges for Careless and Imprudent driving, resisting arrest, failing to follow the lawful order of a police officer, and failing to stop at a stop sign.

Officer Russell Tietsort had also chased a suspect who ran earlier in the week. 

On Sunday, Oct. 1, around 9 p.m., Tietsort stopped a car near West Springfield Ave. and U.S. Highway 50.

A male subject exited the car and ran. He was caught minutes later in the 500 block of S. Cedar Street. It was learned the subject had a warrant for violating parole. He was also in possession of a controlled substance and an illegal firearm. 

The Gerald Police are now seeking charges for possession of a controlled substance, possession of an illegal firearm and resisting arrest.

A second male subject in the vehicle was also arrested for possession of an illegal firearm.