GPD urges residents to check their storage units

Linda Trest

Gerald police responded to a report of a storage unit burglary Dec. 21.

Police Chief Jim Helton said tool boxes and various hand tools were missing from the unit. The outside lock had been cut, but left near the unit which was located behind the Dollar General building. 

A similar break in occurred a couple of weeks ago, according to Helton, at the Schulte Storage units on West Springfield Road. The lock from that unit was missing. Hand tools and other small items were missing from that unit as well. 

Hand tools, and some of the other items taken, have no serial numbers or other identifying marks. This makes them especially attractive to thieves who can easily sell or pawn the stolen items, Helton explained. They are also easy to load in a short time. 

While police do regular visual inspections of all the storage units in town, it is nearly impossible for them to detect a break-in unless the renter of the unit notifies them. Many units are empty with no lock on the outside. Police are not authorized to open the units without the renter’s consent. Even to check to see if the unit is empty. 

Helton urges anyone with a storage unit in town to check it immediately to make sure the contents are intact. 

If anyone notices anything missing from their unit, contact the Gerald Police on their cell phone, 573-368-8010, or the office phone at 573-764-3424.