Guilty by accusation

Dennis Warden

We have all heard the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” This is a fundamental concept in our justice system, first used in the Bill of Rights to ensure all citizens receive a fair trial if they are ever charged with a crime, a principle known as due process of law. This right to be innocent until proven guilty has just been thrown out the window.

Of course I am referring to Christine Ford, the California professor accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

This has gotten so out of hand that according to a weekend poll by Fox News a majority of Americans now oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination because of this accusation.

Never mind the fact that, also according to Fox News, all of the individuals that Ford has said were at the house during the alleged assault — including Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, classmate Patrick Smyth, and Ford’s longtime friend, Leland Ingham Keyser — have denied knowledge of the episode, under penalty of felony, in interviews with the Judiciary Committee. 

Ford has stated she does not recall who owned the house where the alleged attack occurred, nor why there was a gathering there or exactly when the incident occurred.

And yet Ford is demanding an FBI investigation. What’s there to investigate?

Can you imagine going to the sheriff and  telling him (or her) you would like his office to investigate a crime, (any crime) that was committed 35 years ago. There is just one problem. You know the crime, but you cannot tell him where or exactly when it occurred. You also don’t have any other witnesses to the crime or any evidence, just your word.

What do you think the sheriff would tell you? He wouldn’t laugh in your face, that would be rude. He’d politely explain there is no evidence of a crime so there’s nothing to investigate. Then he would laugh with all the deputies over your absurd request.

If Ford was so upset about Kavanaugh’s nomination and thought him such a bad choice for the Supreme Court why didn’t she send a letter to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley in addition to the one she sent to her Senator Dianne Feinstein?

If this accusation deserves so much attention then why did Feinstein, who had the letter since July, not mention it until after the hearings were over?

Anyone with half a brain knows that the only reason this accusation was held to the last moment was for political reasons. This is dirty politics, it’s a political show, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it’s one of the primary reasons voters in the United States are fed up with politicians.

The only reason the letter from Ford was held until the last minute was because all the other lies and manure thrown at Kavanaugh failed to derail his nomination.

I almost forgot to mention 75 women with long-standing associations with Kavanaugh have come forward to voice their defense of the embattled Supreme Court nominee. 

Could you get 75 members of the opposite sex to come to your defense and support you?

Here’s a short list of famous people who could not become a Supreme Court Justice in today’s climate because of past sexual infidelities.

Bill Clinton

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt

George H.W. Bush

Jesse Jackson

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon Johnson

Martin Luther King Jr.

One purpose of this farce is to limit the number of good people who are willing serve in our government. Who would want to subject their family and friends to this?

Apparently all it takes to ruin a man’s reputation is for one woman to accuse him of sexual assault without any witnesses or evidence, after waiting 35 years, because now one is guilty by accusation.