Heavy turnout at polls in Gerald and across the county

Linda Trest
Republican Staff Writer

When doors were opened Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. at the Gerald polls, there were 30 people in line waiting to vote. 

Pat Pilgram, who has been an election official for nearly 45 years says that’s a good early turnout, but not the largest she has ever seen. 

“There were 60 people in line in the presidential election in 2012,” she recalls. 

All of the poll workers agreed there had been a good turnout for a mid-term election by about midday.

When final results were available late Tuesday, voter turnout for the county was 60.27 percent. Out of 71,982 registered voters, 43,384 cast ballots. 

In the last two years, 1,206 registered voters were added to the rolls. 

The medical marijuana issues on the ballot may have helped to drive the high turnout.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, there were 484 registered voters and 295 of those voted for a 60.95 percentage. 

In Ward 2, 59.94 percent of the 362 registered voters cast a ballot with a total of 217 voting.  

The Gerald Out of Town Ward had 516 voters, out of the 718 registered voters turned out for a 71.87 percentage.

That year in the county 71 percent of the 70,776 registered voters cast ballots. There were 50,472 voting at the polls with 359 opting