The Heros of Mainstreet Gerald

Dawn Stogsdill

The Gerald Area Library and Once Upon a Time Book Shop is an all-donation based and volunteer library that has been a part of the Gerald community since September 17, 1994. It is common place for kids to go after school. This is because, like most other libraries it helps make the lives of its community better by providing activities for children and adults of the area. Every Wednesday the library has “Story Time” for kids that are in kindergarten to 6th grade from 6-7 pm, and storytime for 3-5 years old at 11am. They also hold a game day for kids 12+ on Thursdays from 5-7pm. These meetings include: arts and crafts, snacks, storytelling and other activities that are lead by the volunteers at the library.  The library also provides a quiet space for students to work on their homework after school with hours 9am-6pm Tuesday through Friday. They have many resources for projects, such as internet access, historical texts and a myriad of non-fiction that can be used for reference if needed. Without these services some of these children might not have the chance to get their homework done or be able to socialize safely outside of school.


Gerald Public Library provides enriching opportunities to make new friends and cultivate a love for books in a safe environment. The Gerald Area Library also offers volunteer opportunities for adults who also want to help their community.The library is an all donation based library so if you cannot donate time by volunteering you can donate books or money to help expand the library and help keep in running. Donating books to this local library is a good way to recycle and help a worthy cause at the same time. So if you are a youth looking for a good place to do homework or an adult wanting to find a way to help your community than The Gerald Area Library is a good resource that is available in the Gerald Area could use.