Higher rates expected to go into effect in September

In a special meeting held Wednesday, June 27, aldermen voted to proceed with raising water rates and planning and zoning fees in the city of Gerald. 

City Clerk Jane Hungler said the board expects to introduce the new ordinances raising both sets of rates at their July meeting. In August, the board will vote on the passage of the ordinances. In September, the new rates will be implemented.

At the aldermen’s request, the Planning and Zoning Board studied each fee charged in that department. They then made recommendations for changes. In most cases this involved raising the fees to cover costs incurred by the city.

The board approved of the recommendations made by the zoning board, with the exception of a telecommunications fee. Planning and zoning recommended lowering the fee to $250, while the aldermen determined to keep the rate at $500.


In addition, the fees will be moved into scheduled rates, rather than be listed as zoning fees. This will eliminate the need and cost of public hearings.