It’s hard to understand the thought process

Michael Chambers

I don't know if your paper prints Letters To The Editor, but I’d like to vent some.  

We’re new to this area. We bought our dream home a few miles out of Gerald on Highway H and so far love everything about our place and the neighborhood, at least until this past Saturday night (June 16).

We have lived in the St. Louis, Grant’s Farm area for well over 40 years, and although the population is much denser there, we’ve never had a problem with crime or theft. We’ve lived in your area for only a few months, and now had somebody steal some cheap solar yard lights from our yard in your area, while we were right there sleeping at home.

It’s hard to understand how somebody feels they have a right to take somebody  else’s property instead of working to earn the money to buy their own things.

Where is the pride in that? If this person was that desperate for a Father’s Day present, they could have earned the money for these lights by doing a couple of hours of yard or farm work for us or somebody else.

Bottom line, if someone reading this, or someone you know received five solar powered yard lights, some or all without bases to stick in the ground, they need to talk to the gift giver about where they really came from.

The really scary part for us was the fact that this was done while we were home there in bed. We were assured by a neighbor when we were considering this place that there has never been a crime problem in this neighborhood.  

Hopefully this can be a learning moment, possibly for some young person living close to us, and the neighborhood can get back to being pretty much crime free.

We certainly hope so!

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