It’s That Time Again!

Raven Huxel

Do you remember your high school homecoming?  Maybe it was getting up the courage to ask that special girl to the dance, sweating bullets with a bouquet of flowers, or waiting and waiting for a handsome gentleman to sweep you off your feet with flowers and a sign saying “Homecoming?”  Then awkwardly trying to slow dance with your date, or dance at all for that matter to some outdated music with a cup of bad punch.  Well Owensville High School does not have your average sock hop, Back to the Future themed with spirit days the week before to boot, (awkward and bad dancing still included).  

Speaking of spirit days, let us see what we have in store here!  We have Move it Monday (wear your best jazzercise outfits), Tuesday is Future vs. Fifties (wear your best fifties or futuristic outfits), Wild West Wednesday (wear your best 1800s cowboy/girl look),  Thursday is Under the sea/hex day (dress in elegant seawear or in blue and white to hex Hermann), and Friday is Dutchmen spirit wear!  So many days to plan for, who knows what kind of what whacky outfits the students can come up with!

Let us continue with the senior King and Queen candidates and the court attendees!  Queen candidates are: Alli Dintelmann, Grace Toelke, and Kelsey Ryerson.  King candidates are: Kory Bauer, Sean Irwin, and Nick Hinch!  Now for the court, for juniors we have Mackenzie Armstrong, Abby Koepke, Gage Belloir, and Ohm Pawit.  Sophomore court is Caitlyn Linders, Gracie Mcgee, Tighe Bombach, and Brendon Smith.  And lastly but not least Freshman court we have Kate Angell, Taylor McClure, Bryor Bogle, and Tristan Liebi. King and Queen will be crowned during halftime at the basketball game Friday, February Second, be there or be square and do not forget to support our team!

We have a new Dj with awesome new music, we will have refreshments and snacks and just have an awesome time, can’t wait to see you there!