Lack of a quorum leaves P&Z unable to hear zoning request

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The Planning and Zoning board’s regular meeting for February was scheduled for last Tuesday, Feb. 5. With only three members present, the board was unable to form a quorum and therefore unable to conduct business. 

Steve Kuenzel of MK Holdings LLC was present at the attempted meeting to begin the process of asking for a rezoning in property his firm is interested in purchasing. 

The property in question is currently owned by the Gerald Ambulance District and is adjacent to Legion Park and is zoned as city property. 

The three members present requested to reschedule the meeting to Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall in order to hear Mr. Kuenzel’s request. 

It is still unknown what classification the firm is asking the property to be rezoned as. 

The Planning and Zoning Board  should consist of seven members. One of those is an alderman appointed to the board with voting rights. Currently, Kent Richardson is the appointee. Of the remaining six spots, only four people are appointed to the board at the current time. Four members present at a meeting would make a quorum, according to guidance provided by City Hall. That is a majority of the seats, whether vacant or not.