Landwehr asks board for a vote on alleged damage to car wash lot

Linda Trest

Brad Landwehr addressed the Board of Aldermen in their meeting last Thursday. 

Landwehr has alleged that gravel from a street that was chip and sealed last year, is washing onto his car wash lot on the west side and damaging the concrete. 

According to Landwehr, someone with a pen and fifty gallon drum of ink has turned this issue into a problem. 

Mayor Cary Parker asked Aldermen Kevin Grube and Steve Grgurich, plus Public Works Director Nick Grube to look into the matter. 

In a July meeting, Grube read a letter written by Grgurich that stated there was no proof the gravel had caused any damage. The board did not discuss the matter further at that time. “Last month I wasn’t addressed; there was no discussion by the board.” Landwehr noted.

Landwehr also cited issues dating back a decade with an alley that borders his lot to the east.

Last week, Landwehr asked for the board to respond to the letter and take a vote on the matter. 

“All I ask is a vote one way or the other tonight or at your next meeting,” Landwehr said. “Or as Steve Grgurich said we can go to court.” That statement referred to a portion of the letter which read, “I would offer Mr. Landwehr the opportunity to contact the City’s insurance company for their opinion, and as always, Mr. Landwehr can always approach the courts seeking some adjudication of the issues.”

Alderman Ruth Haase noted that when the state resurfaces the highway in front of her home, they do not offer to pay damages for the gravel washed onto her concrete driveway. 

The city attorney suggested that Director Grube take another look at the situation. 

Instead, Haase made a motion to accept the letter written by Grgurich and submitted by Alderman Grube. Grgurich seconded the motion. Alderman Tina Bauguess sided with them, while Alderman Grube cast the lone no vote. 

The discussion became heated several times causing the mayor to bang his gavel for order. 

Landwehr, a former public works director for the city, has been vocal in his disapproval of using chip and seal on city streets.