Let’s stop changing times to ‘save’ more daylight

Duane Dailey

Time and time again I gripe about the changing of clocks, spring and fall. Fall back, spring forward. Why do we mess with time? In the last few weeks I’ve seen more opinion pieces blasting the idea. Maybe it’s time for a change.

The shift in clocks makes for upset of our internal biological clocks. Already, after one night, I feel the impact.

My biological clock awakens me at 4 a.m. In years of writing, I found the most productive writing time of the day started at 4 a.m. Most of my life’s accumulation of stories started early in the morning. I could have a day’s worth of draft stories by 7 a.m. The rest of the day comes in the rewrites and edits. No story is done before draft four.

“Draft Four” is the name of the new writing book by John McPhee my favorite writer in The New Yorker. The best writing comes in the rewriting.

This Sunday morning my inner clock got me up at the regular time. But, the clock says it’s 5 a.m. I lost a valuable hour. My appetite remains on old time.

I want to join our rural religious neighbors who stick with “God’s time” and don’t adjust their clocks.

Daylight Saving Time came in World War II. It was a help to factory workers making war materials. Its time has passed.

My great aunt Jenny kept two clocks on the counter in her kitchen. These were tall pendulum clocks. One was set on God’s time and one was set on FDR time. (She was not a great fan of Franklin D. Roosevelt.) As a farmer, she needed to know real time, not war time.

I see disruption in workplaces at the University, spring and fall. People lose work time adjusting to getting to work at the new time.

I understand golfers need an extra hour of sunlight after work. But, that extra light at the end of day doesn’t help me.

I have a strategy for getting DST eliminated. Someone should go into the oval office and tell the President what a great service to the steel workers it would be if he eliminated time changes. Then, the clincher: Tell him that Obama really likes daylight saving time.

There would be an Executive Order before noon.

As the leader of North Korea has learned, flattery will get you what you want.

The most beautiful event on the first day of new time is the snow. I’ve seen lots of snow falls. But, never have I seen such large snowflakes. Some are three inches across. They splat when they hit the sidewalk. I can hear them land.

Never saw or heard that before. The complete lack of wind makes this possible. Tiny snowflakes collide and join on their freefall flight.

It has taken a while to accumulate snow, as the ground is too warm to save the beauties.

I recall in such a straight-down snow fall we as kids, would stand in the yard, looking up with our tongues sticking out. The aim was to catch a snowflake. We were easily amused.

Remember, this was well before the age of television. We found amusements in nature. In the summer time we would lie on our backs in the yard and look up in the cloudless sky. There were many more stars back in those days. It was before REA brought yard lights to every farmstead.

I’m sure the shifting of clock time away from nature’s time will upset the spraying of volatile dicamba herbicide. Daylight saving time in the morning will shift the clock times of the inversions that cause trouble with drift. That’s beyond me as well.

Tell me your facts and opinions about changing the clocks. And, how do I change my car’s digital clock? Oh, I know, I can’t to that while driving. It’s distracted clock watching. Send to duanedailey7@gmail.com or 511 W. Worley, Columbia, Mo., 65203.