Mediator chosen for Bull Moose Tube v. City of Gerald

Linda Trest

On Monday, July 8, Judge Gael Wood ordered Bull Moose Tube Co. and the City of Gerald choose a mediator to settle their differences. 

Nathan Nickolaus, the city’s attorney, confirms that a W. Dudley McCarter of Behr, McCarter and Potter in Clayton has been agreed upon by both parties to act as the mediator. 

Nickolaus reports that the judge told both parties that “Bull Moose needs the city and the city needs Bull Moose.”

The dispute stems from a disagreement over whether or not the city can raise the rent it has been charging Bull Moose Tube for the building that sits on city-owned property. 

Nickolaus notes that city had initially attempted to negotiate with Bull Moose, when the company “unilaterally withdrew from the negotiations and filed the current law suit.” 

Whether having a third party included in the new negotiations will improve the situation remains to be seen. 

 “It is our hope that with the judge’s order Bull Moose will now return to the bargaining table in good faith and that a resolution can be reached which benefits both parties,” Nickolaus stated on behalf of the city.

Bull Moose Tube Co. has been a tenant of the city since 1967 when they built a 100,000 square foot building on a parcel of city-owned land. They have paid $4,600 in rent each year since then.

The city suggested that current fair-market value would be in the neighborhood of $300,000 per year. 

Bull Moose Tube Co. reportedly then asked if the city would be willing to sell them the building and property. They then abruptly ended negotiations and filed suit against the city. 

The city hopes to receive compensation from the tubing company for the hefty legal fees incurred by the lawsuit.